Ares del Maestrat

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Ares del Maestre
Ares de Maestre is located in the Alt Maestrat, between the municipalities of Morella and Vilafranca.

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The Township:
Ares del Maestre
Inland township
County: Alt Maestrat
228 inhabitants
Distance to Castellón: 74 Km.
Distance to Valencia: 150 Km.

Town Hall:
Sr. D. Francisco José Fuentes García.
Pça. Iglesia, 1
12165 Ares del Maestre
Tel.: 964 44 30 64
Fax: 964 44 30 64

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The history of Ares del Maestre goes back to prehistoric times, as attested to by the exceptional cave paintings, considered part of the Levantine Cave Art movement, that we find in the Remigia Cave. The castle, with Iberian remains, would continue to be an active element in the vicissitudes of the town throughout its history. The city, built and fortified by the Romans, was later destroyed, fortified and expanded by the Muslims.Conquered in 1170 by Alfonso II, it was granted its first charter by Peter II of Aragon. It was definitively reconquered by James I in 1232. In 1234 it passed into the hands of the Order of the Temple and then into the Order of Montesa.

Its main economic activities are agriculture and livestock. Tourism is now beginning to take off, thanks to the appeal of both its urban centre and the rest of the municipality.

What to see
From the Plaza Mayor we walk through the Porches, and then onto the 13th-century Prison, the Monument to James I, before arriving at the Church, whose current façade dates back to the 18th century, with a 13th-century bell tower. Heading towards the Castle, we find the Cave and the Arabic Wall. Once there, we find the remains of the Arabic Castle and the Watchtower. Around the Castle we find the city gates and the old city walls.

Ares del Maestre is situated in the foothills of the Sistema Ibérico mountain range, featuring abrupt terrain, characterized by craggy hills and plateaus.It has a Mediterranean mountain climate. The altitude of the municipal district varies from 700 m to 1,300 m and temperatures can range from -10º C in winter to 30º C in summer.