Canet lo Roig

Canet lo Roig

Canet lo Roig

Canet lo Roig has its roots in the Iberian age, as evidenced by remains found throughout the district. It was a former subject of Cervera and the Orders of Malta and Montesa. It was designated a Villa ("town") in 1540, by Maestre Francesc Llansòl.


Due to its climate and conditions, its main agricultural products are oil and almonds, although cereal and fruit are also farmed. There is little livestock, owing to the lack of pasture.

What to see

Its old town is well worth a visit: here you will find the Parish Church, the area around Montjetades street, as well as Gothic houses and a number of picturesque squares.


It is surrounded by high plateaus and mountains; its terrain is also lined with rivers and ravines. Mild Mediterranean climate, with precipitation in September and October. Altitude of 329 m.