Chodos / Xodos

Chodos / Xodos

Formerly under the Jurisdiction of L'Alcalatén castle, it was granted a Town Charter in 1254 by Ximén de Urrea, in accordance with the Fueros de Aragón (Treaty). It is likely at this time that the fortification of the town - which boasted a walled area and a castle that rises up at its highest point - was further consolidated.


Agriculture, livestock and tourism.

What to see

From the Carrer de l'Església (street), you can walk through to the Plaza l'Església (church square), where the Torre-Portal (Tower Gate) and the Church are located. Be sure to continue on to La Roca, where you can enjoy wonderful views of the scenery.


Xodos lies at the foot of mount Penyagolosa, at an elevation of 1070 metres. It has a cool, temperate, Mediterranean climate, with average annual temperatures of between 9 and 15º C.