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Parish Church


Between 1411 and 1414, this church housed some of the meetings that brought the king, Fernando, the Pope, Benito XIII and the saint, Vicente Herrero to Morella in an effort to end the ecclesiastic and papal division known as the Western Schism. These historical events and the importance of the city of Morella, to which Vallibona belonged, contributed to the wealth that the church would accumulate and specifically, to the construction of its medieval roof. This roof sits on top of the stone arches. Made of polychromed wood, it is still vividly coloured in red, yellow and green. Aristocratic coats of arms, courtly scenes, biblical representations, anthropomorphic animals, flowers and Kufic letters etc... all make up an artistic piece that is regarded as one of the most important in Spain and also in Europe. Another valuable element of the church is the organ which dates back to 1791, and is set into the structure rather than being free-standing.