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Mola d'Ares

Ares del Maestre

La Mola d’Ares is the most significant park in the town. This rocky mass is located 1,321 metres high from where you can see excellent views of the region.

This is a plateau generated by differential erosion processes, with large uneven cliffs.  The plain of the plateau has been dedicated to pasturing and in the middle we can admire a few maples.

The plateau is a first-order geographic landmark in the north of the province of Castellón, the climb to the top will provide us with the view of the beautiful valley and mountain landscapes of Maestrazgo and Els Ports.

The heritage value comes from the Coll Monter archaeological site and two sites of ethnologic character, La Nevera de la Font dels Regatxols and La Font dels Regatxols.

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