The maritime pine soils of that we find in the municipality make the water of Chóvar have great quality, in fact a company dedicated to the exploitation of this resource in the municipality exists. Therefore, in the entire area we find numerous natural springs, being even more appreciated that those we find in the middle of the mountain. Some examples are the Agüica Bechu, the Cerezo spring, La Vaquera, etc. but without a doubt the most appreciated by the habitants of the municipality and visitors is la Fuente Fresca.

Not only for its water, water of little mineralisation and freshness, but it is appreciated for the place where it is. At the bottom of the ravine, a very fresh and humid place in which we find an endless amount of vegetation where they the big ferns that pile up stand out, even covering the source. Without a doubt, one of the most beautiful places of the municipality, above all from April to October. This is a necessary stop on the route and moreover, try its water!