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Festivities San Bartolomé, Santos Senén y Abdón y Sta Mª del Mar

During the second half of August, feasts are held in honour of the patron saints San Bartolomé (on 24th August), Saints Abon and Senén and Santa Maria del Mar. There are a range of activities including: public concerts, gala balls, children’s shows, bull fighting events, bull runs, “correfocs” or fire-runs, clay pigeon shooting, pigeon competitions, giants and large-headed carnival figures, bulls with torches, habaneras or contradanses, seafood and potluck auction, maritime festival, pétanque, flower battle, fireworks displays, etc....

While it is almost impossible to attend all of the scheduled events due to their sheer number, they nevertheless attract multitudes of people from all over the province who come together to witness this magnificent display which consists of more than a week of incredible and varied events, both recreational and religious. 

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