L' Albá

L'Albà is celebrated on Christmas Eve, after the Midnight mass in the Parish Church.

This is without a doubt the most defining element of the purest folk of Alcora, one of the most representative and loved acts. It is a cultural phenomenon that, because of its annual representation, goes unnoticed for many people while others consider it a priceless ethnological treasure.

It is a piece of music combining an Aragonese jota and a Valencian albà, whose origin seems to go back at least to the 17th century. The verses consist of octosyllable lines and assonant rhyme, arranged in four different parts (pie, cuarteta, cuerpo and trobo).

The instrumental formation consists of a rondalla (guitars, guitarrons, bandurrias, zithers, basses and violins). Regarding percussion, there are tambourines, castanets and triangles, As well as two clarinets, alto and bass. The singer is a solo artist or “cantador”, who changes annually, accompanied by a large choir generally of experienced singers.

L’Albà is sung on Christmas Eve to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Afterwards, the group goes to the mayor's house to sing another Albà, this time with a satirical tone.

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