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Baix Maestrat - Xert

  • Entfernung (Km): 11.79
  • Steigung (m): 394
  • Art: Rundweg
  • Sehenswürdigkeiten: Xert - Masía de Bel- Roca d'Enceloni - Vertice de la Mola - Les Saleres tracks and trails – Xert

This route passes by the Muelas de Xert, and both starts and ends in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento.

The views along this entire route are breath-taking, both of the surrounding towns and of the muelas which belong to the municipality of Xert.

*It is important to take care on the section which surrounds the Muela de Xert. *Take care when climbing the Vértice, looks for where the path leads.