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El Camino del Cid


El Camino del Cid in the Castellón province: medieval borderlands

The province of Castellón is part of the section called La Conquista de Valencia, of the Anillos of Maestrazo and Morella and the Ramal de Castellón, within the Camino del Cid.

They are lands where nature proudly shows its splendour. A rich natural heritage which crosses El Camino de Cid and is dotted with towns that have a glorious artistic heritage is materialised in chapels, churches, farmhouses, castles, palaces and mansions.

El Camino del Cid on La Conquista de Valencia stretch and in the Anillos de Maestrazgo and Morella bring us closer to the Middle Ages and Cidian history in a setting of incomparable beauty.

For its part, El Ramal de Castellón runs along the coast and leads us to the beaches of Almenara, Xilxes or Burriana, where El Cid met King Peter.

El Camino del Cid in the province of Castellón is one of the most spectacular stretches of the route that without a doubt, all lovers of history, art, nature and, of course, the rich gastronomy of the area should not miss.

La Conquista de Valencia

Anillo del Maestrazgo

Anillo de Morella

Ramal de Castellón