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Azuébar Castle

Declared a Site of Cultural Interest - Azuébar

Of Muslim origin, it’s at the top of an isolated mountain some 397 m in altitude. The layout is oval shaped with three square towers on the north and east sides. The elbow entrance through a tower featuring drop arches is located on the south side, above the old town located halfway up the slope.

Although Roman inscriptions have been found, the origins of Azuébar lie in the 12th century Muslim castle and the expansion of the municipality of Segorbe.

The castle is now in complete ruins even though visitors can see some important elements of the walls, the lower part of the main tower and the remains of other towers in addition to a cistern. The construction elements are of good quality, particularly the ashlar.



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 At the entrance to the town over a promontory that dominates the valley where the town of Azuébar sits.

600 metres form the town centre