El Picaio

Villafranca del Cid

El Picaio

“El Picaio” (1,304 m) is located to the south-west of the village of Vilafranca, at the end of the extensive plains of “Pla de Mosorro”. It is the highest point of the “Serra Negra” mountain range which is covered by forests of black or Austrian pine and juniper that cover these slopes.

The top of the “Picaio” offers spectacular panoramic views of a large part of the village boundaries of Vilafranca, from the narrow gorge of the River Montlleó, to the mountain of Peñagolosa (1,813 m), from the lands of Teruel and even the mountains on the coast of the Plana de Castellón. A triangulation station and a forest watch shelter are also located here.

To reach “Picaio” from Vilafranca, take a picturesque trail that ascends to a height of 200 metres and is 7 kilometres long, which can be covered in approximately 3 hours there and back.