Sant Antoni


Medieval celebration of the fire, demons and saints,

Music and the country life

The annual festivities of Morella start in January with Saint Anthony, which is part of the festivities of Saint Anthony in Els Ports, one of the oldest, most attractive and beautiful events of the Valencia Community. It is possible to follow from Morella the route of Saint Anthony along the nearby villages, Forcall, Villores, Herbers, Ortells, Castellfort, Olocau, Vilafranca, Cinctorres, La Mata, Sorita, Portell, La Todolella... because his celebration is performed all during the month of January and February and the days of festivity take a whole weekend.

The festivity in Morella takes place the weekend following January 17th (Saint Anthony's Day). It is a date of celebration for the countryside people, medieval festivity which links religious and pagan traditions. On Friday a huge bonfire is placed by the Church, built with pine and oak tree branches, it has a central huge wooden log. At night the life of the Saint is played in front of the door of the disciples. This religious play tells the temptations of Saint Anthony in the dessert. Then the bonfire is lit and it warms and lights the cold evening, meanwhile the devils runa long the streets. People walk along the streets singing the traditional Morella albades stopping in front of the Brotherhood Farmers House to taste typical sweets like panoli and drinks spirits.

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