The Calvary Shrine


A shrine dedicated to the Holy Christ of the same name. Its construction began on 24 February 1704.

The Shrine is adjacent to a water cistern where a ceramic altarpiece of the Our Lady of the Holy Cave is kept.

A water cistern can be seen on the outside. The chapel has a Greek cross floor plan without a base. The atrium or portico outdoors provide the base. Baroque construction with a blind ellipsoidal dome over the 4-metre diameter transept. This architectural structure pertains to the Valencian Baroque style.

The arrangement is quite typical: a central nave with a transept and barrel vaulting in the intersection with the pendentives supporting the drum on which the dome rests. The ornamentation is simple, essentially on the pendentives.

At the head of the cross is the presbytery, where an image of Christ of Calvary is venerated on a recently built altarpiece.



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Outside the town centre.