Arab Castle


Declared a Site of Cultural Interest

This castle was one of the most important in the local region. It joined the Al-Azraq rebellion and participated in the 1256 Espadán revolt.

This was the landmark castle for the alcadiazgo (group of fortifications) and the political and cultural centre. It’s located 442 meters in altitude west of Eslida, on the right bank of the river of the same name. Montane, this building of Arab origin features a dispersed polygonal floor plan.

It has two fundamental walled enclosures defended by several towers. In the past, it had an exterior auxiliary tower, drawbridge, water cisterns, outbuildings and a main tower. The Torre Mayor (main tower) or Tribute Tower is the most valuable element. This tower has a triangular floor plan and a prismatic body with two twin corner towers that look like defensive cubes, making it unique in Valencian castle architecture.

A large stretch of the walls that once formed an irregular polygon still stand as well as the remains of the triangular main tower; it’s very rare in Spain.


Along Avenida País Valencià towards Chóvar to the calvary.  Upon arriving at the Castle area, take the path on the right.



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400 metres from the town.