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The Mills Route

The Mills Route or starts in the village of Les Coves and takes us on a tour of most of the water-powered flour mills of the area.

We recommend that you set off from the Font de Company towards La Morería as far as the Torreblanca road. Follow the Mas d'en Godes path and you’ll reach Molí d’en Civit. There you should head upriver visiting all the mills until you reach the village at the Molí de la Maria. The section of the path which runs from the Mas d'en Godes to the river is a little more complicated to follow so follow the map closely. From the Molí d’en Civit to Molí de Miquel Traver you have to walk along the dry bed of the river. From there up, the entire course of the river is dried out and it’s best to walk along the ravine itself.

There is a shorter version if we take a shortcut along a trail off the Mas d'en Godes trail to the left (behind a demolished stone hut). This path follows a trail down to the river and exits some 700m up from the Molí Miquel Traver. It's a trail around which with the vegetation grows rapidly and it’s easy to get dirty and even lose the trail completely.

There is also the option of heading down and back upriver as far as you want before turning around and heading back the way you came, seeing all the mills twice.

In the attached images you can see the map, the altitude profiles and distances and some photos.

We recommend you print the map as the route is not signposted (there are only information panels at each mill).

The route is also available in “gpx” format for GPS tracking. You can find it at the Wikiloc link below.