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Museo del Castillo de Onda


The castle of Onda is situated in a strategically unbeatable location which has facilitated human settlement in this area since Prehistoric times.

Iberians, Romans, Muslims, Christians...  all contributed to the building and improvement of the fortress.

It currently hosts an interesting museum which contains a unique and magnificent collection of Moorish plasterwork from a 13th-century palace.

What was formerly an old church built by Carmelite monks in the early 20th century now houses the Museum of Archaeology and Local History.

It has a permanent exhibition that guides visitors through the different civilisations that once inhabited the town of Onda, by means of a large number of archaeological finds of unquestionable value.

However the jewel of the collection is the unique collection of Moorish plasterwork from a 13th-century Hispano-Moorish palace located in the historical centre of the town. It is a unique specimen within the Valencian Community. There’s a video documentary on these plasterworks that will surely fascinate you.