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Musée Bodegas Carmelitano

Benicasim / Benicàssim

The Carmelite people arrived to the mountains of the Desert de les Palmes in the 17th century, and here they built a monastery. One of them was Brother Antonio de Jesús María, an important studious and expert in aromatic herbs. When this building became a Novitiate House, it was necessary to attend to the needs of the novices, their studies and formation, and for this reason they thought of selling an aromatic drink, extracted from the infinity of herbs native to the mountains of the Desert de les Palmes.

Some stills were installed in the basement of the Monastery and, by 15 October 1896, the first bottles of our famous Liquor were marketed.

Due to the poor communication, the sellers thought to move the distilleries to Benicàssim and, in 1912, the current cellars and distilleries were founded in which, in addition to the elaboration of our exquisite Liquor, the range of products has been expanded, combining old guidelines and artisan recipes with the latest modern techniques.

Recently, the line of Carmelitano distillates has obtained the seal of Castellón Ruta de Sabor; an initiative that promotes the province's best products. 




De 9h00 à 13h30 Toute l'année.


Du 1er janvier au 31 mars: de 15h à 18h30.

Du 1er avril au 31 octobre: de 15h30 à 19 heures.

Du 1er novembre au 31 décembre: de 15h à 18h30.

Semaine Sainte, juillet et août: de 16h à 20h.

Jours de fermeture:

1er et 6 janvier, 25 décembre: Fermé toute la journée.

5 et 21 janvier, 24 et 31 décembre: Fermé l'après-midi.


Faites une visite lundi au jeudi au téléphone: 964 30 08 49 ou sur le site internet http://www.carmelitano.com