Calvary Chapel

Alcalà de Xivert - Alcossebre

Work of the Valencian Baroque that was completed on 31 August 1779.

The central floor, with a single nave, opens onto two chapels and a short transept that overlooks the presbytery. It is covered with a barrel vault. The entire space appears centred and dominated by the dome. As is typical in the Valencian Baroque, the dome is round inside, and octagonal and pointed outside. It is covered in blue and white glazed tiles at the corners. The façade belongs to the Doric-Tuscan order, with an undulating pediment. The front is closed with a simple cornice with a mixed profile, topped by a belfry.

The interior space is articulated in Corinthian order and is decorated with paintings and carved stucco, which show a taste for the Rococo. In the paintings of the pendentives, motifs of the Passion can be found: The Burial, The Flagellation, The Prayer in the Garden, The Descent, while the cupola features four themes from the Old Testament.   



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Location very close to the urban area, southeast of it.