Cap i Corb Tower

Declared of Cultural Interest - Alcalà de Xivert - Alcossebre

The castle of Xivert had a large group of towers that formed what has been called the alert and watch network of the castle. Among these, the best known was Cap i Corb.

Its plant is quadrangular of 9 x 8.50 metres and its height comes up to 13 metres. Its robust appearance is reinforced by the masonry factory at the four angles that make up the enclosure walls with a thickness of 2 metres each.

It consists of a ground floor in which the original door opens, with a semicircular stone arch, a middle floor, with a window on the vertical of the previous door, and an upper floor or roof in which the corbels of the old machicolation that had the tower are still preserved.

The current owner carried out renovation works to make it habitable, consisting mainly of attaching to the rear wall a two-storey rectangular body that reaches two thirds of the total height of the building. These floors communicate internally with the corresponding ones in the tower. He also built a direct access to the middle floor. With these new buildings, the tower has practically lost its old medieval fortress bearing.