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Wayside Crosses



These stone crosses mark the village boundary and form part of certain religious celebrations. From the threshing grounds, head towards the Peiró de Sant Gregori cross. Further ahead is the Peiró de Sant Joan cross. Following the path upwards until the edge of the village will bring you to the Peiró de la Trinidad cross. A path also leads up to the Peiró de Sant Pere from the fountain and laundry areas.

How to get there:

The Peiró de San Joan
Start at the Plaza de la Vila and ascend until the Ermita del Buen Suceso. Go past the threshing grounds and continue walking up until the Peiró de San Gregorio and there, finally, you will reach the Peiró de San Juan. Despite the brief nature of this walk, it has an immense reward: magnificent views of Villores nestled between rosemary, thyme, lavender and junipers.

The Peiró de la Trinidad
From the Peiró de San Juan, continue ascending along the path towards the West until you reach the Peiró de la Trinidad. The scenery along the way is captivating and typical of the area: full of drystone walled terraces, almond trees, holm oaks and a great variety of aromatic herbs.

The Peiró de Sant Pere
The Plaza de la Vila square is the starting point of a pleasing walk up to the Peiró de San Pedro. Leaving the square behind, go towards the fountain. There, you will find signs for the path leading up to the wayside cross. Once there, you will encoounter a new perspective on the village: Villores surrounded by terraces of wheat, orchards and kermes oaks.