Molino de la Cueva


The Molino de la Cueva was a flour mill that used the force of water to grind flour. A private property, its first users were the residents of Villores, and the people from the nearby country houses.
The Molino de la Cueva was propelled by the flow of water from the River Bergantes. Its course was altered by a diversion dam at the foot of the Molino de la Torreta and its water was then channelled to this mill’s pond. Once there, the force of the water turned the waterwheel which turned the millstone inside the mill. Once used, the water was sent to the next mill along the river by means of another canal.

The miller charged a maquila, which was a percentage of the wheat produced by the mill.

How to get there:

The Molino de la Cueva
A pleasant walk along the edge of the River Bergantes takes you to Villores’ only water mill, the Molino de la Cueva. Nestled in the shelter of a large rock and surrounded by natural beauty, visitors cannot miss the sundial on its façade. To get to the mill, exit the village past the old landfill or take the CV-119 road and follow the path through the orchards that are located 100 metres before the bridge over the river.



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