E1. Getting to know Espadán

  • Distance (Km): 37.70
  • Incline (m): 968
  • Time: 3h15'
  • Classification: Red
  • Depart from: Tales


This fun route takes us through the foothills of the Espadán mountain range, without the steep inclines that surround the area.

Upon leaving Onda, we will be surrounded by trails from the neighbouring towns, we will pass through Artesa and then Tales, circling the area's most well-known mountain, Montí, where we will turn around in order to enjoy trails and fun areas without ever getting too far away from the urban centre.

You will see, as you follow this how easy it is to enjoy mountain biking without having to leave the biggest urban centre that is right next to this area.

Stretches of cork trees and fun routes among the pine and orange groves mix together in just a few kilometres making this an enjoyable route filled with variety.