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E2. The Walls of Espadán

  • Distance (Km): 53.44
  • Incline (m): 2127
  • Time: 5h
  • Classification: Black
  • Depart from: Artana


Demanding and comforting, this will combine agonising climbs with breath-taking views; the peacefulness of the orange groves with the urban centre of Vall d'Uixó.

Starting from Artana, we will climb towards Puntal, but we will branch off to take a large downhill trail which will lead us to Vall d'Uixó. Upon leaving we will face some steep inclines, but the cork trees in Alfondeguilla will make it all worthwhile. Cattle trails connect this with Chovar, and from there we will come back into the area's purest landscapes, descending the always cool Umbría de Castro and then climbing in search of Eslida.

It will be necessary to take some time to enjoy Eslida, as the highlight of this difficult route which ends in Artana and will have physically challenged us and also brought our senses alive.