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PO2. The Extreme Ports

  • Distance (Km): 82.61
  • Incline (m): 2282
  • Time: 7h30'
  • Classification: Black
  • Depart from: Porta de Sant Mateu (Morella)


This is a way of feeling satisfied, like nothing is missing...

Leaving Morella on one of its cattle trails, which have been witness for many years of the hard way of life in this area, we will climb up to the Campello rural farmhouse and enter an area surrounded by kermes oak trees. This will make us feel far from civilisation... like this is all that exists.

Upon leaving these oak trees, we will take a considerable incline up to one of the province's highest towns, Castellfort. From there we will get onto the Rambla de Celumbres pathway for the first time. This is wedged between two rocks and we will come back to visit this after taking a trip, first surrounded by oak trees and then by slender pine trees on top of the Parda Rock.

Leaving the Rambla, not only will we suffer with the steep inclines, but we will also find calm after turning back and with just a turn of our heads we will see Morella, majestic on the horizon, and Castellfort on the one side whilst the two rocks in front seem to want to defy the centuries.

With Cinctorres at our feet, we wish to visit it and to take a breather before facing the route's end, where dinosaurs, in the form of fossils, surround the area we pass through.