Holy Angel Parish Church

La Vall d'Uixó

The main parish because it’s the oldest in the city, the current temple was built in the 17th century and expanded in the mid-18th century.

The Baroque facade, which was recently adorned with an eighteenth-century ornamental top, has a mid-17th century bell tower on one side and strong El Escorial influences on the spire.

The inside, with Baroque vaults and neoclassical decorative elements, is home to a collection of late 18th century fresco paintings.  Particularly standing out is the mural covering the entire high altar vault with a representation of “The Glory”, attributed to painter José Vergara.

The temple houses important altarpieces such as the high altarpiece featuring different coloured marble and an altarpiece with a painting of  “Our Lady of the Custodial Angels” in the tabernacle chapel by Valencian painter Jerónimo Jacinto de Espinosa