Palacio del Marques de Villores

Sant Mateu

The stately home of the Comí family during the Middle Ages. In the 16th century, the façade and hallway were renovated according to Renaissance architectural principles. In the 18th century the mansion passed to the hands of the Marquis of Villores.

Its façade features a large entrance over which the family arms can be seen, doors and windows decorated with small Solomonic columns, plant and animal motifs and a pillbox with a decorative rather than defensive function.

After its renovation, the Casa de los Comí became the most important residence in Sant Mateu. In 1632, it acted as the lodging for King Phillip IV, his brother the Infante – Cardinal Don Fernando, and his son, the future Charles II and in July 1837, during the First Carlist War, to the pretender Carlos María Isidro de Borbón and to General Cabrera, the Tiger of Maestrazgo.