St. Quiteria Bridge

Declared a Site of Cultural Interest - Vila-real

Built by Pere Dahera with permission from King James I, it’s next to the St. Quiteria shrine. Still in use today, it allows people to cross over the river between Vila-real and the neighbouring city of Almassora.

It seems to have been of Roman origin with some remains left at the bottom. It was built in medieval times yet some authors state the reconstruction is Arabic.

The bridge features eight parallel arches with different spans (widths). The total length is 125 metres and it’s approximately 9 metres tall. There are starlings with keeps on the upstream part. The starlings, pillars and arches are made of ashlar brickwork while the rest of the elements are river stones with mortar. There’s a commemorative inscription on the keep of one of the starlings referring to the year 1692, when it survived a lightning bolt.




More information

It can be reached from the Our Lady of Grace Chapel by crossing the river and following the path parallel to the watercourse or from the centre of the city.