The Cave Gateway

La Salzadella

It’s one of the oldest and most historic entrance gates on the medieval walled enclosure in La Salzadella. At the time, it was the gateway from the town towards the south to the Vinromà Caves. The ashlar semi-circular arch stands out as it opens up on the section of the wall. It is completely made of masonry and gives access to a street in the old medieval town of La Salzadella, where various houses with semi-circular arches still stand.

This Portal is the only fragment of the wall still conserved along this stretch. It is estimated to have been built in 1934, although there is evidence of an adjacent tower, now gone, which was repaired in 1423, 1489 and 1565. According to several documents, the construction of the La Salzadella walls coincided with the Christian repopulation throughout the 18th and 19th centuries, a period during which most of the Maestrazgo towns were fortified.