St. Anthony Chapel

La Salzadella

This chapel, dedicated to St. Anthony of Padua, was originally located outside the walls of the old medieval walled villa. It is believed to have been used in those times as a shelter for those who could not enter the town. The date of construction is unknown although its existence in 1784 is documented when an oven was built nearby.  The oven has since disappeared.

The chapel has a quadrangular floor plan and is made of regular masonry, mortar and ashlar walls.  The fact that there are no windows is quite noteworthy. The gabled roof is in Moroccan tile and topped with a stone bell gable. Entrance is through an ashlar lintelled door over which there is a relieving arch. Finally, the inside is divided into two areas with a round arch that separates the faithful from the altar. The decoration used is fresco paint over lime rendering.  Highlights include the rosettes on the arch, the cross on the false interior dome and the prayer inscriptions dedicated to St. Anthony of Padua. 



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