The water wheel


It is located near of the Santa Quiteria Chapel, diverting the river water to irrigate the farms of Almassora and Castellón on the one hand, and those of Burriana and Nules, on the other hand.

The old diversion dam is located downstream, which collects the water of Almassora and Castellón. Its construction began in 1886, according to a project designed by Salvador Flores.

This reservoir made of carved ashlars was built by Tomás Traver, has 106 m in length and was inaugurated in 1895.

It must be highlighted the engineering work of the underground channel, of 1745 m in length, 2 metres in diameter and with really thick walls, dating from the 17th century and crossing the bed of the Rambla de la Viuda.



More information

It is located in the vicinity of the chapel of Santa Quiteria.