Archaeological site "El Puig de la Misericordia"


An unique Iberian settlement

The site of the Puig de la Misericòrdia is a site of great interest that presents us two attractive moments of the Iberian culture, its beginning and its end. We can observe all three phases of occupation of the three dated by the excavations. The first one corresponds to the Iron Age, and the other two correspond to the Iberian Period. The second one is the most visible one after the excavation. It was surely a fortified residence with agricultural use. It might also have been used for a strategic purpose. It is probable that this place was an important enclave at that time, in connection with other surrounding settlements.

In addition, the Puig de la Misericòrdia is located in a beautiful natural setting where you can enjoy the surroundings and the views of the fertile plain of Vinaròs-Benicarló.