Municipal Market


In 1928, on the site of the former convent of San Telmo, the building of the current local market started to be built, according to the project of the architect Tomás Traver from Castellón. The municipal market, with a basilica floor, presents the characteristics of the so-called iron architecture, and it creates a big space full of light and well ventilated. Its structure is formed by girders made of cast iron, which rest on light and elegant columns ending in capitals decorated with geometric vegetal motifs. It was restored in 2011. We should remark the iron structure supported by slender columns with capitals decorated with stylized vegetal motifs. 


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Opening Hours: Winter from 8'00 to 13'30h. and from 17'30 to 20'30h. / Saturday from 7'30 to 14'00h. / Summer from 8'00 to 14'00h. and from 18'00 to 21'00h. / Saturday from 7'30 to 14'00h.