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Virgen de la Paciencia Chapel

Oropesa del Mar / Orpesa

Inside the chapel there are a number of examples of 18th-century Alcora tiles as well as an image of Our Lady of All Patience from the 16th century. Going by the name of Our Lady of the Rosary, its painstaking restoration was paid for by the Count of Cervellón after it was nearly destroyed by a pirate raid on 25 September 1619, the day of Our Lady of the Rosary.

Its current name arose as a result of the long and meticulous restoration work made in a convent in Valencia. It is then when it takes its current name.

But the image remained in Valencia until 1964, date when the image returned to its home town. So, in the patron festivities in October 2014 it is celebrated the 50th aniversary of the patron return to Oropesa


More information

Mass: first Saturday of every month at 11 am.

July and August: Sunday and festivities at 10 am.