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Old Quarter

Oropesa del Mar / Orpesa

Get your rucksack on and make sure you've had a good breakfast, because there's a lot to see in Oropesa del Mar! A lot of the main points of interest are concentrated in the Old Quarter. One of these is the Castle, built under the Islamic rulers in 11th century and highly coveted throughout history for its strategic and defensive importance. Nearby lies the parish church of Virgen de la Paciencia (Our Lady of All Patience), where you can contemplate the image of the area's patron saint and displays of eighteenth-century Alcora tiles. On the same square as the church you'll find Oropesa del Mar Museum, offers an innovative experience in which excitement and information go hand in hand. It is located in a building of great local importance, the old "Casa Consistorial", where past and present, tradition and technology come together to facilitate an encounter with the heritage, history and identity of Oropesa del Mar.

Also not to be missed is the Playing Card Museum, where you can learn about the superb art of decorating and printing these cards in different countries and cultures. Other must-see sites in the Old Quarter include the the old town jail, the remains of the Castle rampart and the well known as Pou del Ravalet.